Caban Bach


Welcome to Caban Bach, one of our stunning glamping cabins nestled in the serene Welsh woodland. This charming cabin is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway or a peaceful solo retreat. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the cozy ambiance and the comforting glow of flickering LED candles, complemented by the Welsh woollen blankets that add a touch of warmth. Step outside, and you’ll find yourself in a picturesque paradise, surrounded by the melodies of singing birds, rustling leaves, and the crackle of an inviting open-air fire.

At Cwtch Camping, we believe in providing mindful and off-grid experiences, and Caban Bach is no exception. Whether you choose to sip a bubbling drink on the deck under the moonlight or enjoy your morning coffee in the gentle sunlight, this cabin offers the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. We even welcome your four- legged friend, as Caban Bach is pet-friendly, allowing you to create special memories together.

Conveniently situated approximately 30 meters from the communal kitchen cabin, 50 meters from the WC/Shower cabin, and 60 meters from the main gate, Caban Bach offers both privacy and accessibility. The cabin features a glass-panelled door that fills the space with the soft glow of morning light and leads to your own private decking area. Nearby, you’ll find a fire pit and a hammock, perfect for embracing the tranquility of the surroundings.

As with all our glamping cabins, Caban Bach is equipped with high-quality mattresses and toppers, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. You’ll find 100% cotton sheets, pillows, duvets, thick Welsh wool blankets, and hot water bottles, providing the utmost coziness. We also provide towels and an LED lantern, so you have everything you need for a memorable stay. Caban Bach accommodates two guests in a double bed, and if needed, there is space for a travel cot or a roll-out camp bed for a small child.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and the comforts of Caban Bach, where every detail has been carefully considered to create a tranquil and idyllic glamping experience.

Welcome hamper
Flushing toilet
hot water
shower on site
high-quality mattresses and topper
Wood-fired sauna

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Create lasting memories in a serene woodland setting and embrace relaxation, adventure, and quality time with loved ones.

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